Usborne Books & More offers several fundraising programs to help your organization, cause or charity meet your goals. Let us help you kick off a fundraiser to create an impact in your community today! I am passionate about ensuring you have a successful fundraiser and am committed to partnering with you to make it happen!

Cards For A Cause

The Cards for a Cause Fundraising Program offers five boxed sets of 30 handcrafted full-sized greeting cards (50 in the holiday box!) with matching envelopes for $30 – only $1 per card!!!  Your club, organization, or other group can earn up to $10 per box.

The number of groups who could benefit from this program is limitless, for example:

  • Cheerleaders/Sports Teams/Dance Teams,etc… for uniforms – travel – competitions
  • Churches for summer camps – mission trips – volunteer work
  • School Parent Associations – library books – field trips – sports equipment
  • Sororities – supporting literacy
  • Hospital Auxiliary Groups

…and many more!

Reach For The Stars!

Reach for the Stars!! is a pledge based incentive program that rewards children for reading with free books of their choice as well as new books for the school.  The goal of the program is to have the children read, or be read to, a minimum of 300 minutes over a two-week time period, or an average of 30 minutes per school day.  Pledges are collected from friends, neighbors ad family who support the children’s reading activity.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to find the best fundraising option for your organization!